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Doctor Introduction

Message from Doctor

Director Dr.Fusae Yamazaki

After graduating from University,I became a Pediatrician. I learned pediatric allergy and handicapped children.
I raised four children,two boys and two girls. I was always available to rush to day care center to pick up my children at any time.
My child are now adults, so I have more time to devote for my patients and medical practice.
Raising children is very exciting and rewarding. If you have some question about your children, please contact us.

Director Dr.Fusae Yamazaki


  • Japan Pediatric Society Specialist
  • Japan Medical Association certified Physician
  • Japan Allergy Society Specialist

Learned society

  • Japan Allergy Society
  • Japan Pediatric Allergy Society
  • The Japanese Society of Pediatric Psychiatry and Neurology
  • The Japanese Society of Child Neurology
  • Japan Pediatric Society


  • March. 1981 Graduated Toho University Medical School
  • May. 1981 Yokohama City University Pediatrics Resident
  • May. 1983 Kanagawa Children's Medical Center Allergy Department Senior resident
  • April. 1984 Segawa Neurological Clinic for Children Clinical Fellow
  • June. 1984 Saiseikai Yokohamashi Nanbu Hospital Pediatrics Clinical Fellow
  • Oct. 1985 Yokohama City University Pediatrics Clinical Fellow
  • Aug. 1988 Mount Sinai Medical Center Volunteer
  • June. 1989 Yokohama City University Pediatrics Clinical Fellow
  • June. 1991 Yokohama Pediatric Allergy Center
  • June. 1996 Yokohama City Chubu Region Rehabilitation Center Director
  • April. 2002 Yokohama Pediatric Allergy Center Medical director
  • Sep. 2004 Uchida Iin Pediatrics Allergy
  • Oct. 2005 Y Child Clinic Director
  • Sep. 2010 Uchida Iin Y Child Clinic Director
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Lapis2 Bldg 1F 8 Totsukacho Totsukaku
Yokohama city Kanagawa 244-0003


Near Tokaido-Line Totsuka Sta

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For Appointment(Japanese)


We treat The Pediatrics, Allergy:

General pediatrics, Child development, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Pervasive developmental disorder, Bronchial Asthma, Atopic Dermatitis, food allergy. Please contact our office for other symptoms.

For first visit patients

  • What to bring
    • Health insurance card and Identification of various recipients
    • Medicine notebook (If you do not have one, please bring all the medication your child currently take)